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"PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION." Three simple words with profound implications.

"CHANGE IS HARD." Three more words with equally profound implications.

You cannot have progress without change, and you cannot change without experiencing some type of discomfort sooner or later. Remember: "Discomfort" is not necessarily a bad thing. Much in the same way our muscles are sore after an intense workout, when we make the deliberate decision to begin working outside of our “comfort zone” in order to break free from unproductive or unhealthy routines and behaviors, the "discomfort" we feel lets us know we are growing, moving, improving, changing, progressing .

People seek therapy for one fundamental reason: Something in their life is not working, and they want to find a solution, an answer, to make things right again. In other words, people come to counseling to change what is no longer effective.

My role in this process of change is not to tell you what modifications to make, or how to live your life. Rather, my part in this journey is to work with you, collaboratively, to accomplish three things:

1) help you identify what changes you want in your life,
2) guide you in recognizing (and perhaps rediscovering) the strengths you possess to make these changes happen, and finally,
3) support you in finding a plan to put these changes into action.

An old saying goes, "With each step, I am getting stronger." This is my guiding philosophy, both personally and professionally, and I firmly believe that with enough time, support and guidance, everyone is capable of creating the change, the progress they want in their life.

If you are ready to begin this process of changing what is no longer working in your life, please call or email me for an individual, couples or family therapy consultation today.

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